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The Complete Spinal Health & Core Training Seminar

Seminar #1
Core Performance for Results and Spinal Health
with Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore will perform for you and explain how to improve core performance without doing exercises that suck. Tony’s plan is to take you through an athletic core training screen and assessment that he uses with his athletes.Then it is into the exercises where Tony will show you how to turning basic exercises into core dominant exercises. Next is into the big lifts (deadlifts, squats, etc) and the role of the core in each and how to save the spine while lifting heavy.As Tony is taking you through the exercises he will make sure to add some cool variations to keep your spine healthy and make core training more fun and results-driven.

What Tony covers in his 3 videos (3 hours and 21 minute in length) seminar:

  • Introduction to Core Training and Performance (You can see a clip of this above.)
  • Back Pain and the Athlete – how big of an issue back pain is for athletes
  • Back Pain and the Athlete Table Assessment – What they do a Cressey Performance when it comes to the table assessment that looks at the back
  • Back Pain and the Athlete Movement Assessment – When they move their athletes away from the table assessment and get them moving, what are the things that they assess and look at
  • Hitting the Big Rocks that Block Athletic Performance –
  • Targeting the Glutes for Performance
  • Integrating Breathing for Performance
  • Core Program Design for Performance
  • Practical Breathing and Performance Session
  • Shoes, Barefoot Training and Performance
  • Squats, Deadlifts and the Core

Seminar #2
Exercises for Core and Spinal Fitness
with Dean Somerset

Dean Somerset promises to hammer your core and add 1000 core training exercises to your tool box of exercises.He will show you training variables and equipment to help you create a broad range of possibilities in core training for everyone from beginners to athletes to rehab-based clients.Don’t wear jeans for this session as you are guarantee to rip them. Be ready to learn, watch, coach and do all the exercises.

What Dean covers in his 3 videos (3 hours and 38 minutes in length):

  • Introduction to Training People with Back Injuries
  • Functional Anatomy of a Back Injury
  • Link Between Back Pain and Latissimus Dorsi
  • How Your Core Can Be the Cause of Your Shoulder Injury
  • Research, Exercises and the Core
  • Fascia and Back Pain & Injuries
  • Why Do We Slump All the Time?
  • Dean’s School of Core Training
  • Assessing Core Function
  • Becoming Strong, Stiff and Stable
  • Assessment & Exercises in Half Kneeling
  • Assessment & Exercises in a Plank Position
  • Assessment & Exercises in a Rolling Position
  • Unedited Practical Session – Some of the best stuff Dean had to offer was when he was helping trainers and coaches, individually. So we left the camera running and captured this and included it. It is full of great nuggets of information.
  • Case Study & Core Training Voodoo – Dean takes one of the trainers through his assessment and gets her to do a few exercises and got amazing immediate results. Training Voodoo at its best.

Seminar #3
Assessment & Pre-habiliation of the Core and Spine
with Dr. Jeff Cubos

Jeff Cubos will share with you common back injuries and training mistakes that often lead to back injuries.He will show you what works best for preventing common back injuries, and prudent methods – including unconventional solutions – to get your clients back to injury-free status. Jeff will provide you with simple screens, demonstrate how to measure the success of your recovery program and concepts a clinician wants trainers & coaches to know and understand before referring them clients.

What Jeff covers in his 3 videos (2 hours and 47 minutes in length):

  • Medical Perspective on Core Training
  • The Strange History of Core Training
  • The Future Thinking of Core Training
  • Components of Optimal Core Function
  • Breathing to Help Core Function
  • Affect of Foam Rolling and Hip Mobilization on Core Function
  • Improving Core Function with Self Mobilizing
  • Fixing Breathing to Help the Core
  • Addressing Stiffness and Endurance in the Core
  • Miscellaneous Core Training Factors

Seminar #4
Exercise Rehabilitation of the Core and Spine
with Rick Kaselj

Rick Kaselj will focus on core training considerations for rehab, post rehab and novice clients.Rick will highlight what the research shows about core training and injuries in the upper body, spine and lower body. Rick will take you through a variety of regression and progression exercises to help your rehab, post rehab and novice clients in order to keep them healthy, happy, and moving forward.

What Rick covers in his 2 videos (2 hours and 11 minutes in length):

  • Introduction to Spinal and Core Rehabilitation
  • 4 Hidden Factors that Affect Back Pain
  • What Core Exercises to Start Off with When Back Pain Hits
  • Being Barefoot and Injury Recovery
  • Progressing Core Exercises for the Rehab Client
  • Self Massage and Stretching for Back Pain
  • Thoracic Mobility and Back Pain
  • Hip Mobility and Back Pain
  • Transitional Movements and Core Training

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