Muscle Imbalances Revealed Update with Mike Robertson

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I just finished up an interview with Mike Robertson.

Mike did a presentation for Muscle Imbalances Revealed program:

Component #1 – Muscular Imbalances in the Hip & Pelvis

I wanted to talk with Mike and see what is new, what he had to add to his video presentation and answer questions he has gotten about his presentation.

In the interview Mike Shares with You:

Updates to his presentation
– #1 Mistake that fitness professionals make
– Best approach to targeting the hip
– How do you prioritize muscle imbalances you find in your assessment
– What muscles do you target first in the hip
– The first step to address a muscle imbalance in the hip
– How do you address muscle imbalances with an athlete that is in season
– Core Stability versus Core Strength Training

Rick Kaselj, MS