Friends of Bedros,

When Bedros found out I was coming out with an Upper Body edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed (MIRU), he asked if I he could check it out.

After looking at, he knew it would help his personal training and bootcamp friends get better results with their clients.

Bedros asked me if I could hook you up.  So, as a thank you to Bedros, you get a steal of a deal on MIRU for $100 off the regular price for a very short time. This is what is inside….

*** Friend’s of Bedros Special Bonuses ***

Bedros asked if I could make things even sweeter for his friends and of course, I said, “Yes.”  Bedros is the man when it comes to creating 6 and 7 figure fit pros so I found a few things that will help you out when it comes to improving your bootcamp, getting medical referrals and asking questions to us directly.  Here are the bonuses if you order right now.

Bonus #1 – How to Go from Making a Living to Making a Killing in Bootcamps ($19 Value)

This is an interview that I did with Bedros where he goes through some amazing information on how to take your bootcamp to the next level.  In the interview shares with you the 3 steps you have to do in order to have a successful bootcamp.  Plus he shows you 4 ways to fill up your bootcamps.  This is a must listen for any bootcamp owner.

Bonus #2 – 17 strategies to getting medical referrals using social media ($57 Value)

A big trend that I am seeing is referrals from medical community.  In this video presentation, I show you how to use social media to get more medical referrals.  Who does not want more referrals?

Online meeting places and community sites are often thought of as places to put goofy pictures that your friends can see. But nowadays, the use of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, forums and blogs can be an effective and inexpensive way to increase your profile, helping you build relationships with your clients and making it easier for potential clients to find you and see how you can help them with their injuries. In this idea packed video presentation, the fitness professionals will get an action list of how they can use social media to get more medical referrals.

Bonus #3 – Exclusive Coaching Call ($77 Value)

Exclusive Coaching Call With the Creators of MIRU

In the next few weeks, we will be setting up a VIP coaching call with the creators of Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition (MIRU).  This will be your chance to ask any question you want when it comes to MIRU, performance, training, fitness or rehabilitation.


“Discover the Secret Trainer Tactics to Help Your Clients Bust Through Training Plateaus, Get Faster Performance Results, Rapidly Recover from Injuries and Stay Injury-Free for Life in just 14 days”

A Step-to-Step Trainer Tool Box on How to Improving Fitness, Performance and Rehab Results without Ever Leaving the Comfort of Your Own Home!

My name is Rick Kaselj. I’m a world-reknowned exercise and injuries expert and international fitness presenter. I have written industry leading exercise injury manuals, numerous articles that have appeared in major fitness association magazines and taught over 295 presentations to 5611 fitness professionals across Canada and the USA. (You can learn more about me and see a photo of me below.)

… But before I tell you all about me and how I can help you get you or your clients better, faster results and stay injury free for life, I want you to check out what all of these health & fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts have to say about Muscle Imbalance Revealed:


“MIRU is a Great Product for Your Arsenal of Tools”

“Being a wannabe personal trainer, I often find myself not being able to do all the things right. Things like programming considerations for every client, giving them the correct protocol for their needs, and sounding smart enough can sometimes intimidate young trainers. With Muscle Imbalances Revealed: Upper Body this is no longer the case. Dean, Tony, Jeff and Rick did a really great job on covering every topic imaginable on how to train the upper body of every athlete.

Even though the title has “imbalances” in it, the product is even more complete than that. You can see how a strength coach uses various exercises to strengthen the upper body, while using assessments to see what is wrong with the athlete. You learn about the fascia and how to use it in while also seeing different stages of core training, whether you are injured or an advanced athlete.

You now understand why breathing mechanics are essential for your well being and how to use different soft tissue tools for your goals. And finally you see how important is the neck in your movements and delve into the shoulders anatomy and movement.

But the most important thing that you learn from MIR is that your body moves as one unit. Every speaker references the presentations of other speakers, making you understand that although you might talk about your low back, you must not forget your thoracic spine and interesting pieces of information like this. All in all I think that MIR:Upper Body is a great product that can be used in your arsenal of tools while also giving you the luxury to ask the experts any questions you might have!”

Fotis Chatzinicolaou
Exercise enthusiast

“What I Learned on the DVDs was the Missing Link when it Comes to Evaluation and Treatment of My Clients”

“Muscle Imbalance Revealed DVDs from Rick has been great. What I learned on the DVDs was the missing link when it comes to evaluation and eventual treatment of my clients planning for patients with muscular dysfunctions.”

Ara Sakayan PT, ATC, CSCS
Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer
Former New England Revolution Therapist / Trainer

“I Now Have the Knowledge and Practical Tools which I can Quickly Apply in a Top-Notch Comprehensive Training Program.”

“There is a wealth of information on treating injuries in my area from the medical field, as well as rehabilitation care from the physical therapist. However, the practice of “Corrective Exercises” and Assessments for Functional Fitness are still relatively new at the Personal Trainer level. Even at the institutional level, the bridge between Sports Medicine and Collegiate Sports Departments is sorely lacking. The complete program of “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” has undoubtedly filled that gap for me. I now have the knowledge and practical tools which I can quickly apply in a top-notch comprehensive training program. I have tested these in the gym and on the field, and can attest to the effectiveness of the MIR. My wholehearted thanks to Rick Kaselj and all the contributing experts of Muscle Balances Revealed, and the updates which are an added bonus.”

Luis Arranaga, CST-KS, CKT
Strength Trainer; Kettlebell Instructor
Mexico City, Mexico

“I Gained a Greater Understanding of how to Perfectly Implement Calorie Burning Upper Body Exercises”

MIRU is another weapon in the arsenal of the world’s most complete bootcamp. With MIRU, I gained a greater understanding of how to perfectly implement the big calorie burning upper body exercises in a population plagued by upper trap overactivation, and yes, this is huge! This product is a great compliment to muscle imbalances lower body and is a necessity for all trainers to have in their training library. Nearly every client I have has muscle imbalances…(from before they saw me), and it is my duty as a trainer to help solve these nagging issues while giving them a kick ass workout, and of course getting them tangible fat loss results. In addition, it is my duty as an owner of a fitness facility, to impart this wisdom upon my trainers, so that we further separate ourselves even more from our competition and the traditional bootcamp model.

Josh Saunders, BSC, CSCS
Group Fat Loss and Strength and Conditioning Specialist
The Bootcamp Effect
Langley, BC, Canada

“I Have a Deeper Understanding of Muscle Imbalance”

As a fitness professional who works with athletes as well as elderly clients, I feel MIRU has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of muscle imbalance.

MIRU has changed the way I progress through a client. I now begin to look at all opposing muscles to see where the imbalance is before I start my progressions.

Joseph Yager
Independent Strength and Conditioning Coach, Motivational Speaker, and
Baseball Instructor
Urbana IL

“MIR is a Go-To Resource”

“I’ve been following Rick Kaselj for quite some time and he has a unique and driven passion for preventing and dealing with nagging injuries as well as muscle imbalances. Any fitness enthusiast or trainer who is serious about their training success should have Muscle Imbalances Revealed as a staple and go-to resource.

Rick is the first person I think of when it comes to injury prevention and working with muscle imbalances.”

Mike Whitfield, Certified Turbulence Trainer

“MIRU Provides a Different Perspective”

MIRU provided a different perspective about movement.

First because of the different backgrounds of each presenter and second was a sort of “holistic” approach, meaning that breathing and myofascial training aren’t too common findings in other materials related to exercise.


Luigi Marino Neto
Strength Coach
Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Your Greatest Product, MIRU”

Hi Rick,

Firstly let me thank you for doing such a great work. I contacted you a year ago because I was looking for some information about scoliosis and exercise.

Your scoliosis product put me in the right direction.

Since then I follow your blog. Last week I purchased your greatest product, MIRU, and I’m still watching it on my big TV and enjoying it. It’s coming up to my expectations. I knew it. You are surrounded by great professionals that give MIRU a high quality.

Thanks a lot for your hard and wonderful work!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Albert Garcia, MS, BS, CSCS
Personal Trainer and Gym Owner
Barcelona, Spain

“Valuable Addition to My Tool Box”

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed is a valuable addition to my “tool box” when it comes to assessing imbalances throughout the kinetic chain with athletes or the general population. MIR addresses injuries that may be caused by muscles imbalances that many times get overlooked. What I liked even more was the customer service and the updates to the program that are posted in the member area. With the vast information provided by MR, Hartman, Beard, Yates, Summerset and yourself any trainer, S&C coach or PT is sure to take home valuable information.”

Brian Van Hook MS, CSCS
Strength Coach
Las Vegas, NV

“I have been exercising for some time now. Earlier I wasn’t able to understand why there is stagnation and plateau and niggling injuries in my regimen. After Muscle Imbalances Revealed, I understood the reasons and am able to help other trainees as well in my gym. Great program and a must for trainers and trainees.”

Babu Sivaprakasam
Personal Trainer
Mumbai, India

“Amazing Resource”

“I’m a new personal trainer and I’ve always been worried about not knowing enough on injuries and how to deal with them. Your resources so far have been very beneficial. I listened to the interview below and one thing that really hit home was the difference between core stablisation and core strengthening exercises. This was just one part of his talk but the reminder was really good because now in my boot camps or personal training clients, I can make the distinction and they can appreciate the core exercises even more.

Thank you for continuing to share amazing resources.”

Humairah Irfan
Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Fit Body Bootcamp Edmonton

Problem: Not Getting the Results You and Your Clients Want?

As a fellow health & fitness professional, I know we focus on strength, flexibility and cardiovascular techniques with our clients in order to help them reach their goals.

I’ve done this as well but what I was noticing was I was not getting the results my clients wanted.

Therefore I headed back to school to get my Masters Degree in Exercise Science with a focus on corrective exercise and therapeutic exercise.

I hoped this additional education and learning would be the missing piece to getting the results my clients were looking for.

Even after all this learning and money, I was getting better results but still I was not fully helping my clients improve their rehab, training and performance results.

I began to do more research to see what I was missing from my exercise toolbox when it came to getting the fastest and best results for my clients and myself.

Solution: Muscle Imbalances

The missing piece to my exercise toolbox was muscle imbalances.

I am not just talking about stretching what is tight, strengthening what is weak or just doing some corrective exercises.

Muscle imbalances are much more complicated than that.

Just focusing on three exercise techniques will limit how fast you and your client will reach your rehab, training and performance goals.

It is important to expand from those three basic exercise techniques in order to get faster performance results, bust through training plateaus, increase the speed of injury recovery and prevent injuries by moving you and your clients from imbalanced to balanced.


That is what led to Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

Problem: Seminars, Courses and Conferences are Expensive!

Fitness education is expensive.

Just a few weeks ago, I attended a weekend fitness course and it cost me $2000.


The cost of the course was only one of my expenses.

I also had to pay for:

– flight – taxi to and from the hotel

– hotel – meals (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and drinks)

– gifts for the kids and wife

– I had to take time away from work and clients

When all is said and done, it cost me about $3202.

I have to say the material was good and I learned a few things but I could have learned all of it through video presentations.

Solution: Amazing Value!

The amazing value is a huge reason why I love video presentations and on-line learning.

I have been teaching “live” fitness education courses since 1999.

The biggest thing I love about video presentations, outside of convenience, is the cost of people attending a video presentation.

With video presentation you get all the benefits of attending a live seminar, course or conference at a fraction of the cost.

You get excellent information with a focus on assessment, unique information and exercises, not to mention you have the presentations so you can watch them over and over again.

Problem: Who Has Time to Read Research Articles, Huge Textbooks or Go to Seminars?

I know you are busy.

Fitness and health professionals work long hours and it is difficult to find the time or energy to sit down and read a textbook on exercise physiology or to look up the latest research articles.

With our weekdays full of training, training clients or leading bootcamp groups, it is difficult to find the desire to head to a seminar, course, or conference on the weekend.

Going to all those seminars, courses and conferences on the weekend leads to less time with family, friends and fun.

Who does not want more time with family, friends and having fun?

Solution: Sitting Back and Learning

Two years back, I discovered a way of sitting at my computer and having someone else teach me tips, tricks and exercises to help my clients and my training.

The way this was done was video presentations.

I know you may be asking “what is a video presentation?”

A video presentation is an online seminar that is focused on great practical information which you sit back and view on your PC, Mac, iPod or iPad.

I watch them on my 8 year old PC.

You are able to view the video presentation off the internet or download them to your computer or smart phone for viewing at another time.

Each presentation contains an outline of key information on an important topic, images explaining the topic, videos of the exercises and assessment recommendations.

With each of the video presentations you get a video recording, audio recording and handout that will work on your PC, Mac, iPod or iPad.

I know you might be thinking, I have watched video presentations before and could not download or burn the presentations to a DVD.

Most of the health & fitness education video presentations force you sit in front of your computer and watch the full presentation.

Often times you lose the internet connection to your computer and you have to start all over again.

This is very frustrating, a waste of time and very inconvenient.

Plus, most video presentations you can’t download or burn onto a DVD – and you can’t skip to the best part of the presentation as you would like.

This is NOT the case with the Muscle Imbalances Revealed. You can download, burn and skip to any part of the 8 upper body video presentations.

Problem: I Attended a Free Video Presentation and it Sucked!

I was at a fitness site and watched a free video presentation.

The free presentation did not have much substance to it.

I have watched numerous free presentations and have yet to watch one that was any good.

I find free presentations don’t have content that you can use to help your clients or yourself.

They are often full of useless information or just promotion of expensive products.

Solution: Content Rich Information


The Muscle Imbalance Revealed video presentations are content rich presentations, that will help you get better results for your clients and yourself!

You will get tons of information on muscle imbalances for the upper body and exercises that you can use with your clients and yourself, right way.

The 4 presenters of the 8 video presentations, all provide you with a little background information but focus on assessment, exercises and tips & trips to help you get better rehab, training and performance results for your clients and yourself.

Problem: Getting Continuing Education Credits

I know at the end of the year I am always checking to see if I have enough Continuing Education Credits for all the associations I belong to. (I think I belong to about 6 associations).

It is nice to read fitness magazines, watch exercise DVDs and read journals but they don’t help me get the stack of CEUs or CECs that I need.

Solution: 3 Simple Steps to Get CECs/CEUs

With Muscle Imbalances Revealed, you can earn CEUs, CECs and PDCs.

This is done in three easy steps.

Step 1 – You conveniently watch the content rich 7 hours of video presentations.

Step 2 – While watching, answer the multiple choice questions that come with the program.

Step 3 – Send us your exam, we will mark it and we will send you the CEU/CEC documentation that your association needs.

That is it!

Muscle Imbalances Revealed is pending approval for CEUs and CECs. It has been approved for CEUs and CECs for these associations: 0.7 NSCA CEUs (#J1098), 0.7 ACE CECs (for 2012), 7.0 BCRPA, 7.0 BCAK CEC, 7.0 CMTBC, 7.0 and CSEP 7 PDC.

Don’t worry if your association is not listed.

With well over 200 fitness associations, it is impossible to get approval from every association, but every association has a quick and easy way of petitioning a course for CEUs/CECs.

Most times it is a little form that needs to be filled out and I can help you with it.

Problem: No One Person or Professional Knows it All

I would like to think with all the schooling I have done, the conferences I have attended, the textbooks I have read and the research papers I have gone through, that I would know it all when it comes to muscle imbalances, rehab, training and performance.

But I don’t.

It is not possible for one person to know everything when it comes to muscle imbalances, rehab, training, and performance.

It is not possible for even one professional to know all there is when it comes to muscle imbalances, rehab, training and performance.

Solution: 4 Experts in Rehab, Training & Performance from 7 Professions

Instead of just revealing all my tips, tricks & exercises when it comes to muscle imbalances, rehab, training and performance by myself, I sought out 3 other experts in the area: Tony Gentilcore, Dr. Jeff Cubos and Dean Somerset.

As I was searching out experts in the area, I discovered no one person or professional has all the answers when it comes to muscle imbalances in the upper body.

In Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition – you get the perspective of a strength coach, corrective exercise specialist, kinesiologist, post rehab specialist, personal trainer, exercise physiologist and chiropractor.

In Muscle Imbalances Revealed, Tony, Jeff, Dean and Rick share their knowledge, experience, exercises and tips & trick when it comes to muscular imbalances of the upper body. This is all done with easy access downloadable video presentations.

Problem: Out of Date Performance, Training or Rehab Information

You may have got your certification a while back and wonder if your techniques are up to date. You may have textbooks from when you went to school but a lot of what is in them is now revised. You may have just gone to a conference and all you learned was how to use some new exercise gadget that you need to buy.

Solution: Rehab, Training & Performance Straight from the Trenches and Research

All of these guys are up to date with the latest research in their area of specialization. They have taken the research and applied it in real practice with real clients. Now they are giving you their cutting edge information, techniques and exercises, straight from the trenches.

Problem: Misplacing Your Files

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t find where you saved your videos on your computer?

You end up spending hours looking for them or you have no way of getting another copy.

Solution: You Have Lifetime Access to MIRU

You don’t have to worry about that with Muscle Imbalances Revealed. All the video presentations, handouts, CEC exams and updates are there when you need them today, or even in a few years time.

There are no time limits or additional fees to your membership.

You have lifetime access to the membership area of MIR where everything is there for you to access.

We are always updating MIRU and you get all those updates free to you.

Problem: Has this Program Helped Anyone?

With every new health and fitness education product that comes out, you wonder if it is going to work.

Solution: MIR has Helped Well Over 1827 Exercise Enthusiast and Health & Fitness Professionals from Around the World

MIR has helped exercise enthusiasts and health & fitness professionals from around the world.

Here is where some of the health and fitness professionals are from that have been helped by MIR:

Yes, MIR has helped exercise enthusiasts and health & fitness professionals in over 50 countries around the world.

If you want to see what other exercise enthusiasts and health & fitness professionals say about Muscle Imbalances Revealed, make sure to scroll down and read the rave reviews and testimonials.

Summarizing the Key Benefits of Muscle Imbalances Revealed:

Here are a few more benefits of Muscle Imbalances Revealed:

  1. You can watch the video presentations at your own pace and go back to key points at your convenience
  2. You can watch the video presentations on your own PC, Mac, iPad, iPod or smart phone
  3. You don”t have to take time off work and lose money in order to attend a seminar, course or conference
  4. You can watch the video presentation when it is convenient and best for you
  5. You can download the video presentation to your PC, Mac, iPod, iPad or smart phone and watch it while waiting
  6. You can learn new fitness education information from the convenience of your home
  7. You can view the video presentations on a PC or Mac
  8. You can download an MP3 of the video presentations and listen to it in your car, or on your iPod during your workout
  9. You can earn continuing education credits from 6 different associations by watching the video presentations
  10. Affordable way of learning new detailed and researched backed information for yourself, your clinic or fitness team
  11. No time is wasted driving or flying to seminars, courses or conferences
  12. No expensive and overpriced seminar, course or conference fees
  13. Lifetime access to all of the rehab, training and performance video presentations
  14. Unlimited access to all of the video presentations
  15. This is not like most conferences where you get a hodge podge of information. MIR is focused, practical information that will help you and your clients right away
  16. Plus you get lifetime access to MIRU


“Highly Recommend You View!”

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed was an excellent resource that I’d highly recommend you view. And I think it’s particularly valuable because you can conveniently watch it from the comfort of your own home or office without having to spend hundreds of dollars on travel and accommodations while taking time off from work.”

Eric Cressey
Premier Strength Coach for Baseball Players

“Guarantee You’ll Lean a Ton”

“This is an awesome product and one that I would highly recommend. I guarantee you’ll learn a ton, whether it’s actual nuts and bolts anatomy and physiology, or variations and tweaks you can start using today with your clients and athletes.”

Mike Robertson
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Strength Coach

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed goes beyond stretching what is tight, strengthening what is weak..”

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed goes beyond stretching what is tight, strengthening what is weak or just performing corrective exercises. It assists us in understanding the synergies that exist within the body and walks you through the intricacies of muscle imbalances. I enjoyed the majority of presentations and picked up a few good tidbits.”

Dr. Mike Reinold
Boston Red Sox Physical Therapist
Boston, MA, USA

“Addressing muscular imbalances is of paramount importance when training athletes. Muscle Imbalances Revealed provides the background, assessments, training strategies, and specific exercises to restore balance across the lower extremities, lumbopelvic area, and shoulders, and therefore equips you with the knowledge you need to help prevent the most common sports-related injuries. Even better, you can benefit from all the content from the comfort of your home.”

Kevin Neeld
Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach

“I found the ideas presented in Muscle Imbalances Revealed as a comprehensive way to reach trainers who are just starting out, right up to those of us who have been at it for years. I see this as a great tool for trainers and strength coaches. If this is an area where you are lacking, I suggest you check this out.”

Maria Mountain, MSc
Owner/Strength & Conditioning Coach
London, Ontario

“Separate Yourself from the Rest of the Playing Field…”

“If you’re a fitness professional and you want to separate yourself from the rest of the playing field with some top notch information from some very bright minds then you should pick up Muscle Imbalances Revealed Upper Body now!”

Mark Young
Personal Trainer and Strength Coach
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“If You’re a Serious Fitness Professional, Get MIRU”

If you’re a SERIOUS fitness pro who’s committed to getting the best results possible for your clients while helping them overcome the nagging problems that are holding them back then do yourself a favor and invest in yourself.

Kevin Yates, CPT
Personal Trainer and Author

“The Entire Industry Looks to Rick Kaselj”

“The entire industry looks to Rick Kaselj as the “muscle imbalance solution” expert and that’s because he speaks on the subject and has written and published more info on it than anyone else.”

Bedros Keuilian
Personal Trainer
Success Coach

“When it Comes to Treating Injuries Through Exercise, Rick is ‘the Man'”

“When it comes to treating injuries through exercise, Rick Kaselj is ‘The Man’ … and he can show you how to add some nice extra income to your training business by suckin’ in lots of new clients from this practically untapped niche.”

Chris McCombs
Personal Trainer
Success Coach

“I Do Endorse .. Muscle Imbalances Revealed”

“Anyone that knows me, knows that I have been a web presence for quite a while, and knows I don’t endorse many people. I certainly don’t endorse products with outrageous fat burning claims, or millionaire attainment secrets, or gaining muscle in 5 days…but I do endorse self-improvement and continuing education. Making fitness professionals better and more respected in this field starts with good-hearted role models and tools that provoke the learning process. Muscle Imbalances Revealed does exactly this.”

John Izzo
Leading Fitness Educator

“Unique Insight”

“Rick provides, and his unique insight, is in my opinion perfect for 1) physicians and personal trainers who are trying to address mysterious aches and pains in their patients and clients and 2) people who are at a fitness plateau because they keep getting injured.”

Ben Greenfield
Triathlon Coach

“So Much More Than The Name Implies”

“Wow, I have to say that “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” is so much more that the name implies. It’s so jam packed with info that I’ll use it as my “go to” resource. I run fitness boot camps and my clients always have nagging injuries that I have to work around. I’ll use this resource to provide practical advice and exercises that will prevent injury as well as aid in their recovery of previous injuries. I feel more confident in providing fitness advice to prevent and rehab injury with this resource in my arsenal. Thanks Rick for the clear and concise way of presenting all this information.”

Shawna Kaminski
Female Fat Loss Over 40 Expert Owner/Operator of Calgary NW Adventure Boot Camp

“Success All the Way!”

“The second product in this series Muscle Imbalances Revealed is a success all the way!

It is not only to identify the cause of these imbalances and implement a strategy consisting of corrective exercises. The concepts show us the complexity and constantly changing knowledge and technology related to the field of training.

A few strands of information here and there in either of these presentations are sufficient to have a significant impact on training of our customers, something that will make you indispensable to them.”

Xavier Roy
Montreal, Quebec
Performance Specialist

“Many trainers, especially myself, lack in the area of spotting technique and muscle imbalance issues with clients. In fact, I realized from MIR that by not addressing these imbalances, I was just exacerbating them each session! Muscle Imbalances Revealed gave me the foresight to spot things like tight hip flexors, which would help increase the neural drive to one’s lower body, which will help them lift more! That is just the tip of the iceberg of information found on these valuable DVDs. You will immediately become a more informative trainer in your practice after just one view of these DVDs (I view them all the time though! Its truly a gift that keeps on giving).”

Brian H. Mahoney
The Fitness Club at Eleven Madison Avenue New York, NY, USA

“I have been in contact with Rick for only a few months now, but his Muscle Imbalances Revealed DVDs and blog have really helped me out immensely. He has a way of bringing his knowledge across very efficiently and effectively. His way of systemizing muscular imbalances is something I have been looking for for a long time.”

Rex Kanis CSCS, BA, CPT, C-FT

“Must Have Tool”

Josh Carter
Personal Trainer Los Angels, CA

“Full of Quick Tips and Tools that I can Use Right Away with My Clients.”

Andy Pratt
Personal Trainer / Studio Owner Newfoundland, Canada

“Fantastic Product!”

Dr. Peter Osborne
Chiropractor Clinical Director, Town Center Wellness Diplomate with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition Houston, TX

The Complete Muscle Imbalances Revealed

– Upper Body Edition –

Component #1 – Corrective Exercise Strategies for Athletes (and Meatheads, too) with Tony Gentilcore

In this information packed video presentation, Tony Gentilcore will give you insight into the tips, tricks and exercises he uses with his athletes at Cressey Performance to improve performance in their throwing athletes. Tony gives you killer information on shoulder impingement, shoulder health, programming, sample workouts, AC joint training and more. This is a must watch for strength coaches, athletes and meatheads.

Here are a few of the highlights from Tony’s Presentation:

  • 12 exercises to hammer out the lower traps
  • What to do about shoulder impingement
  • Programming considerations for shoulder performance health
  • A “money” test for thoracic mobility
  • 4 performance mobility exercises
  • What to do about AC joint issues
  • Important assessment for anyone with an AC joint issue
  • 2 “killer – good” SMR exercises
  • 5 things to avoid if you have AC joint issues
  • 6 exercises the help and not hurt the AC joint

Component #2 – Avoiding Common Programming Bloops and Blunders with Tony Gentilcore

Tony does not hold back with this presentation. He lets you know the mistakes he sees people make in the gym. He starts off with assessment and gives his opinion on what to do to improve shoulder performance and health. Then it is onto the core and he gives you a stack of ideas on how to blast the core. Then he wraps up with a mish mash of training gems.

Here are a few of the highlights from Tony’s Presentation:

  • Inside look at what they do at Cressey Performance
  • 3 must do Cressey Performance assessments
  • 10 table assessments they do at Cressey Performance
  • 27 exercises to blast your core
  • Importance of adding perturbation
  • 7 exercises to rock out the rotator cuff
  • 4 advance push-up variations
  • Plus a bunch of stuff on rotator cuff, elbow injuries and neck packing

Component #3 – Myofascial Training for the Upper Body with Dean Somerset

This is the future of stretching.

For ages we have focused on stretching the muscles but now, the focus is addressing and stretching fascia in the body.

Dean gives a great background on fascia and the importance of fascia. Then he wraps up with how to train it and not injure it. This is very cutting edge.

Here are a few of the highlights from Dean’s Presentation:

  • 3 lies you were taught about anatomy
  • Importance and how to alter fascial stiffness
  • 4 factors that lead to repetitive strain
  • 7 means of improving fascial fitness

Component #4 – Advanced Core Training & Conditioning with Dean Somerset

We have all heard about the core and know it is important to address. Dean shows you the continuum when it comes to core training from rehab to performance. This presentation has what you need to know when it comes to the core and a stack of exercises to improve the core.

Here are a few of the highlights from Dean’s Presentation:

  • Highlights the 2 units of the core
  • 2 philosophies of the core
  • 3 function of the core
  • Core and breathing
  • Negative effects around back training
  • Stages of core training
  • Core conditioning for rehab, training and performance
  • The must do exercise to help with your lifts
  • 3 stages of core conditioning

Component #5 – Linking Breathing with Rehab, Training and Performance with Dr. Jeff Cubos

Breathing is the most misunderstood thing in fitness.

We know it is important, we think we are doing it right but we really don’t know.

Dr. Jeff Cubos brings it all together for you. He explains what breathing is, how to assess it, exercises to improve it and how to integrate it with movement.

You won’t find this information anywhere else.

Here are a few of the highlights from Jeff’s Presentation:

  • Key structures for respiration
  • Improving mobility results with breathing
  • 16 breathing exercises
  • Learn a “money” exercise for improved breathing
  • How to integrate breathing into movement
  • 6 exercises to integrate breathing with movement

Component #6 – Picking the Right Soft Tissue Tool for the Problem with Dr. Jeff Cubos

There are all kinds for options out there when it comes to improving soft tissue but which one do you chose or refer to?

Dr. Jeff Cubos explains it all.

Jeff will help you better understand common soft tissue tools and methods and explain when it is best to use each.

Here are a few of the highlights from Jeff’s Presentation:

  • Importance of cumulative trauma cycle
  • 3 Phases of Healing Through Movement
  • Leaders to watch and learn from in the soft tissue world
  • The role of the IASTM in tissue recovery
  • How stretch therapy can help
  • FAQ on the world of foam rollers
  • Best ways to hit the lats with the foam roller

Component #7 – Unraveling Muscle Imbalances in the Shoulder with Rick Kaselj

We all know tightness and weakness in the shoulder affects its function but it is difficult to put all the pieces together on what to do about it.

Rick reveals the pieces you need in an exercise program to address muscle imbalances in the shoulder.

He gives you key information and a stack of exercises to help you out.

Here are a few of the highlights from Rick’s Presentation:

  • Why the 2:1 ratio in the shoulder is wrong
  • 9 keys to addressing muscle imbalances in the shoulder

Component #8 – Neck Exercises for Prevention, Rehabilitation and Strength with Rick Kaselj

There is not much good information out there on the neck and neck exercises. Until now!

The video presentation will give you the answers on what to do to improve rehab, training and performance in the neck.

It gives you the steps you need to address in the neck and a stack of exercises that you or your client can do in order to rehabilitate or train the neck.

Here are a few of the highlights from Rick’s Presentation:

  • The steps that are needed to be addressed in order to create a complete neck program.

Component #9 – You Can Earn Continuing Education Credits

Muscle Imbalances Revealed is pending approval for CEUs and CECs. It has been submitted for CEUs and CECs for these associations: 0.7 NSCA CEUs, 0.7 ACE CECs, 7.0 BCRPA, 7.0 BCAK CEC, 7.0 CMTBC, 7.0 and CSEP 7 PDC.


Component #10 – You Get All of Edition 2.0 Updates

Mobility Med Ball Workout (Value – $27)
In this update, Kevin Yates from MIRL takes you through a variety of mobility exercises that you can do with a medicine ball. These exercises help loosen up the upper body, activate the scapular and rotator cuff muscles, improve thoracic mobility and focus on integrating the upper and lower body. This is going to be great if you are looking for new med ball exercises ideas and a workout with the med ball that will help the upper body.
UBD – Bootcamp Edition (Value – $17)
This is an awesome dynamic warm up for the upper body. Josh Saunders takes you through a 4-minute upper body dynamic warm up that he takes his 100 bootcamp clients through on a weekly basis. He has found this has been an easy addition to his classes, has decreased his campers’ injuries, is quick and fun to do. This is going to be great for any bootcamp instructor or if you are looking for a quick dynamic warm up for the upper body. You receive a video of the exercises and a book with all the exercises in it.
Upper Body Release (Value – $27)
This is a video for manual therapists looking for ways to release the upper body muscles. Dr. Erson Religioso III takes you through a number of the manual therapy techniques he uses with his clients to help release muscles that are tight and active in the upper body. This is going to be great for manual therapists who are looking for more techniques to release the upper body, especially pec minor.
VIP Coaching Call #1 (Value – $57)
This is one of the calls we did with MIRU members where we answered their questions about MIRU as well as a number of other topics. On the call we talked about when and when not to use a weightlifting belt, ideas on what to do about kyphotic (rounded mid- back) and lordotic (increased curve in lower back) spine while driving, when tension is needed and not needed when doing exercise, fatigue and the rotator cuff, how to address strength differences on each side of the body, when to do and not to do soft tissue work, expanding on assessments for athletes, lifts to address hip dominance and where breathing factors in when teaching lifts.
VIP Coaching Call #2 (Value – $57)
This is the second coaching call we did with MIRU members. Once again with this call we expanded on what we went through with MIRU plus a bunch of other stuff. Specifically we address what to do with meatheads who don’t want to do the corrective exercises, what to do with tempo and training, how to integrate core training into your workout, different exercises to hammer the core, training considerations for femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), improving performance with ankle exercises, things to do about a sprained wrist, what to do about piriformis pain syndrome, and more.
Top 7 Core Exercises (Value – $37)
I asked Dean Somerset, “What are his Top 7 Core Exercises?” He sent me these 7 exercises and I take you through them. Dean gives you bodyweight, stability ball, medicine ball, dumbbells and cable exercises to improve core fitness.
Top 9 Meathead Exercises (Value – $37)
I asked Tony Gentilcore, “What are the Top 9 Exercises for Meatheads to Lift More?” So Tony sent them to me and I go through them for you. Tony highlights exercises with the ball, sock, dowel, wall, resistive band, half foam roller, rack and pulley to help meatheads lift more.


And today you have the opportunity to get the entire 9-component, $413 package for a single, one-time discounted payment of:

Click here to order the Download version!

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Now, Let’s Get to Know the Creators of
Muscle Imbalances Revealed -Upper Body Edition -:

Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, CPT is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) holding a degree in Health Education with a concentration in Health/Wellness Promotion from the State University of New York at Cortland. Recognized as one of the premier trainers in New England, Tony has established an outstanding reputation due to his no-nonsense approach to training, unique perspective on program design, and corrective exercise experience.

Additionally, Tony is one of the co-owners of Cressey Performance, located just outside of Boston in Hudson, MA and is also a regular contributor to T-nation, Live Strong, as well as Men’s Health Magazine.

Jeff Cubos BPHE MSc DC FRCCSS(C) CSCS is originally from Toronto. Dr. Cubos holds a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and Health and a Masters of Science degree in Kinesiology. Upon his graduation from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Dr. Cubos entered and successfully completed the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) post-graduate residency program with specialized research in the field of hockey-related concussions.

Dr. Cubos has held teaching positions at York University, Seneca College, and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and has been a strong contributor to to the medical industry through multiple journal publications and presentations both nationally and internationally.

Having a passion for working with elite athletes, Dr. Cubos serves as the team chiropractor for FC Edmonton of the NASL, team therapist for Canada at the IIHF In-line Hockey World Championships, team doctor for the Spruce Grove Saints of the AJHL, and team therapist for the University of Alberta Swim Team.

Dr. Cubos is also certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association NSCA-USA, holds the International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma through FICS, and writes for Research Review Service and Live Strong.

Dean Somerset BSc. Kinesiology, CEP, CSCS, MEPD is the Rehabilitation and Medical Fitness Coordinator for World Health Club, a company with 19 clubs across Alberta, Canada.

He oversees the trainer education and Post-Rehabilitation program implementation alongside over 100 medical and allied health professionals, and works to create a continuum of health and wellness for both patients and clients.

His personal clientele ranges from joint replacement rehab, medical dysfunction management, weight loss, and even elite sport performance from a “function-first” training philosophy.

Rick Kaselj MS, BSc, PK, CPT, CEP, CES has spent his professional career helping clients recover from injury, manage chronic conditions and prevent injury through exercise. Rick is a Kinesiologist, exercise physiologist and personal trainer who has combined his work experience and passion for research into a variety of courses and presentations for fitness professionals, Kinesiologists and health care professionals on an extensive list of exercise and injury topics.

Over the past decade, Rick has given over 277 presentations to 5300 fitness professionals across north America while continuing to work in rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy clinics, recreation centres, fitness clubs and personal training studios. Rick recently completed his Masters of Science degree focusing on corrective exercise and therapeutic exercises for the rotator cuff.

Rick shares his tips, tricks and exercises for injuries through his numerous books, manuals, DVDs and blog. To learn more about Rick you can visit him at or .


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Problem: What if I don’t Like it?

I know we all have attended a seminar, conference or course that was way over priced and way too long.

I know we all have bought fitness education DVDs and books that taught you nothing.

You were stuck with all of it and could not do anything about it.

Solution: Then it’s all FREE!

I know you will be blown away by the Muscle Imbalances Revealed – The Upper Body Edition – .

I have been in the health & fitness industry for 17 years, presenting hundreds of courses, read thousands of page of fitness information and have spent thousands of dollars on my fitness education.

I know there is nothing like Muscle Imbalance Revealed out there.

I know you will find the information helpful for yourself and it will help you and your clients reach their performance, fitness and rehabilitation goals.

I am confident enough to say that if you complete the 7 hour Muscle Imbalances Revealed system, you will start getting better results.

If you don’t, just call, email or mail me and I will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

You have 60 days to decide if you want to keep the program or get your money back.


I don’t think there is much more I can say.

On behalf of Tony Gentilcore, Dr. Jeff Cubos, Dean Somerset, this is Rick Kaselj saying take care and bye bye.

Rick Kaselj, MS

One of the Creators of Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition

Click here to order the Download version!

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P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you when you try Muscle Imbalances Revealed. If you are not thrilled with how this program helps you and your clients improve performance, fitness and rehabilitation results and you are not fully satisfied with the program, I insist you contact me to get your money back. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Rick Kaselj has been trusted by the largest fitness & rehabilitation associations in Canada and the USA (NSCA, ACE, NASM, CanFitPro, BCRPA, CKA, NHPC).

P.P.S. – If you want to save a ton of money so you can go out and have fun, compared to spending money and time at a course or conference, get Muscle Imbalances Revealed. Learning through video presentations allows you to save money, allows you to earn CECs/CEUs, you will discover great new material, get great new exercises and you will learn from 4 of the best in the business. Along with the savings you will have massive convenience of travel time (delayed flights, airport food, lost time, travel time to airport, registration lines, etc.).

P.P.P.S. – Have a question? We probably already answered it below!


Q: How Does a Fitness Education Video Presentation Work?

After trying out the Muscle Imbalances Revealed Upper Body Edition, you will be directed to details on how to access the video presentation series. You can then view and download all eight of the video presentations. The instructions to view and download the video presentations are easy and quick to do. Along with the video presentations, you can download and print out a detailed handout of each of the presentations. With your handout in hand and video presentation on your computer, iPad, smart phone or iPod, you are ready to enjoy the presentation.

Q: Do I have to Watch the Video Presentations all at One Time?

No, you do not have to. You can watch the video presentations when you want, at your own pace and re-visit any aspects of the presentations when you like. You will have lifetime and unlimited access to all of the video presentations.

Q: Can I Burn the Video Presentations onto a DVD?

Yes, you can! You can download the video to your computer and then burn the video presentations to a blank DVD. This allows you to watch the video presentaions on a DVD player at home, on your laptop or on a different computer.

Q: How long will it take for me to get the DVDs?

The cool thing is, you don’t have to wait for anything in the mail. With your order, you will also get instant access to the video presentations which you can view on the internet or download to your computer.


“Most Comprehensive and Easy to Understand Course”

“After reviewing Rick’s program, I have to say without a shadow of a doubt it is one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand courses on everything you can think of about upper body muscle imbalances.

I should know because for over a year I struggled with excruciating bicep tendinitis in both shoulders. It was so bad that I spent thousands of dollars on treatment such as 4 visits to a Sports Medicine doctor, 2 visits to an orthopedist and 25 treatments of physical therapy. None of it worked.

Luckily I found a chiropractor in my area who was way more knowledgeable than any of those 3 guys put together. We came up with a plan to fix my shoulders and one of the biggest reasons why I had continuing tendinitis was due to horrible muscular imbalances in my pressing muscles compared to my pulling muscles. He said I had one of the worst cases of scapular winging for a young guy that he’s ever seen. Of course I went and researched everything I could about the topic and after going through Rick’s course, every single thing that I learned was in there, right before my eyes.

It’s seriously one of the most comprehensive and biggest bang for your buck programs out there that deals with this issue. Don’t be an idiot and not learn this stuff because you can seriously injure yourself and your clients. Get Rick’s program.

Jared DiCarmine
Personal Trainer
Hawthorne NY

“Worth Far More Than the Investment!”

“In order to stay current and relevant as a Personal Trainer in the very competitive fitness industry, you have to keep learning. No two clients are exactly alike, and everyone goes to a trainer for different reasons. As a trainer who always wants to know the “why,” it is important to rely on both credible and reputable people to provide the most insightful information out there. Rick Kaselj and his Muscle Imbalances Revealed program is worth far more than the investment. In fact, I’m surprised at how low the price is, especially since it comes with CEU opportunities. It is great to have access to reliable information, and Muscle Imbalances Revealed is definitely something every trainer should have to understand prehab and rehab protocols, assessment strategies and overall movement patterns. Rick Kaselj goes way beyond dysfunction and tackles the real underlying issues that cause many compensations throughout the body. I’m looking forward to his future projects.”

Danny Matos

“MIRU has Increased My Ability to Relate to My Clients”

MIRU has increased my ability to relate to my clients’ potential issues, along with providing a solution to increase their results, whether it is through the diaphragmatic techniques from Dr. Jeff Cubos, to simple tips on programming from Tony Gentilcore.

Miguel Aragoncillo
CSCS and Personal Trainer
Deptford, NJ

“Thoroughness of Info”

What you like about MIRU is the thoroughness of the info.

MIRU has given me some more insight into what I was already doing, and a bit of peace of mind that I was on the right track.

Breathing info made me aware I need to spend more time emphasizing this.

Scott Rawcliffe
Personal Trainer
Gold Coast Australia

“One of the Best Investments I Made”

“As a PT working in the Sports Medicine field, this, by far, is one of the best investments I made in 2010. It provides a vast amount of knowledge and information from top-level specialists in the field. Definitely a Strong Buy!”

Carl Cachia BSc PT, MSc Rehab
Physiotherapist Toronto, ON, Canada


“Not long ago I was talking with an individual whom I consider to be in the elite crowd of fitness professionals. At the time I was struggling to make sense of the array of information that is in this industry and all of the different assessments. His reply was, “the best just don’t miss anything, take all of the information you can and add tools to your tool belt.” I continue to seek out quality information and foster the critical thinking to know which tools to use along with how and when to use them. Muscle Imbalances Revealed is most definitely another tool to my belt. It is comprehensive and has everything from specific assessments to taking a new look at exercise and movement compensations.”

Pete Brown
Personal Trainer, FMS Certified Madison, Wisconsin

“Impressed with the Quality of Information”

“I’ve been a strength coach and trainer for over 10 years working primarily with masters athletes, many of whom compete in endurance events such as marathons, triathlons and biking. Muscle imbalances are very common in this population so it’s a topic I’ve been researching for many years to help my clients avoid injury and improve their performance. I’m very impressed with the quality of information presented in the MIR course and it’s given me some great tools to add to my coaching toolbox. I believe the best way to build your business is to get your clients results and I’ve built a six figure business by providing great service to my clients. This course will help you do that. Clients who get results will rave about your skills and nothing beats word of mouth marketing. This course will put you on the leading edge and separate you from the rest of the training crowd. It’s a solid investment which will pay for itself in no time. Great job, Rick!”

Curb Ivanic, MS, CSCS
Vancouver, BC, Canada Ultra Fitness – strength & conditioning for masters athletes

“I Cannot Train the Same Again!”

“I cannot train the same again! I have already added to my clients training programs as well as my own. The suggestion of utilizing a foam roller (supported by so many experts in the industry) has made me realize that I need to add more to my programs to achieve success. As a mind body instructor, breath work is always a part of my programming to alleviate stress, and I can see how breathing exercises do so much more physically, since we always focus more on the emotional connection. I now have proof to explain why the yoga and Pilates movements I prescribe (to create balance and alleviate pain) work, and more tools to add to my repertoire. “Muscle Imbalances Revealed” has provided me with new platforms to re-look at the whole picture, and ensure that what I prescribe will produce results, and assessments that make me feel comfortable referring to allied health professionals. Finally, some fitness experts have come together to bridge the gap between rehab, functionality and exercise! Thank you Mr. Kaselj for your insight. And to those who contributed to Muscle Imbalances Revealed.”

Stacey Levine-Prejza
CanFitPro PRO TRAINER, CPR and Mind Body Certified 500 hour Yoga Instructor
Certified Pilates and Cycling Instructor

“Great Stuff”

Hi Rick, I purchased the fantastic MIR and had to drop you a line to say thank you. I have been training clients since 2004. I can remember many instances where I could see an issue a client had with with a certain movement or exercise and I couldn’t address it. I feel that what you have done is bridged the gap between the basics that I learnt to now being able to address issues directly. MIR gave me the catalyst to question what I’ve been doing for all these years but most importantly challenged me to go further and ask the right questions. I came across your package through Eric Cressey’s newsletter (I personally completed his Max Strength program and achieved great results) and immediately bought the webinars. What I didn’t realise at the time was MIR was the tip of the iceberg. My eyes have been opened to a complete shift in thinking and application when it comes to personal training. I have been particularly impressed with Kevin Yates simplified approach to what we do. At the moment I’m trying to get through all this great stuff that you and your alumni seem to churn out at an amazing rate. I actually now feel that I can make a real difference with this logical approach to training. I can’t thank you enough for reigniting my passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness. Regards

Darren Moroney

“Well Organized”

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed is very well organized and provides scientific information that all trainers should know and be able to apply. It helps the average trainer become exceptional”

Jacqueline H. Kodas
Certified Fitness Professional

“Effective in Teaching How, When and Why Muscle Imbalances Occur”

“I recommend this course because it was very effective in teaching how, when and why muscle imbalances develop or occur. It is effective in teaching new tools in assessing and identifying these imbalances and how to execute corrective exercises to bring about desired results with improved movement patters and muscle and joint functions.”

Andrew W. Del Rossi
Advance Health & Fitness Specialist

“High Level Information”

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed provided a considerable amount of high-level information about anatomy, biomechanics and associated issues. The video presentations combined with outlines provided a good opportunity to learn and absorb the material.”

Julie C Schaaff, MS
Yoga Studio Owner & Instructor

“Better Understanding”

“I have a better understanding of the body and how I can incorporate new exercises to increase function with my clientele.”

Glen Carrigan
Personal Trainer Hilton Hand, SC USA

“Outlines Relevant Imbalances”

“Muscle Imbalances Revealed reinforces the need to design a balanced program for our clients and outlines relevant imbalances that many clients present with.”

David Casnier

“Love That I can Sit in the Comfort of My Home and Learn”

“If you are a doctor, coach, trainer, physical therapist, fitness professional or athlete committed to being the best at your craft, I highly recommend Muscle Imbalances Revealed. In this webinar series, you will receive some of the most cutting edge information from many of the best minds in the world of strength, conditioning, and rehabilitation. The program is very thorough and provides you the knowledge and expertise to help your clients reach their true potential. What I love about this program is that I can sit in the comfort of my own home and learn the latest tips and strategies to help the players I coach prevent injury, stay out of pain, improve their balance, and get stronger. Thanks for creating this great product, Rick.”

Jeff Salzenstein
USTA High Performance Tennis Coach Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Former Top 100 ATP Tennis Professional Denver, Colorado

“Every Fitness Professional Should Have this in Their Arsenal”

“Rick, thanks for creating “Muscle Imbalances Revealed”…honestly, it’s one of the most comprehensive injury-prevention and fitness programs available. You were able to effectively link the fitness results that clients and trainers focus on and the critical injury-prevention and imbalances necessary to achieve those results. Not only has this made me and my staff better trainers, but we can be more in-tune with our clients by increasing their strength and performance. In addition, this gives us an edge to continue to offer our clients the safest and results-oriented programs that continue to build my business. This is definitely a program that every fitness trainer should have in their arsenal and not just watch once, but refer to frequently.”

Lindsay Vastola, CFT
Bootcamp Owner / Instructor
Princeton, NJ

“Being a personal trainer, it’s difficult to set yourself apart from the “Norm”. The Muscle Imbalances DVDs I received through the mail are fantastic, and I find invaluable. I constantly refer to the information you post and send in your newsletter daily.”LuAnne Platt

“Tremendous Resource that has Proven Extremely Beneficial”

Congratulations again on MIRU. It is a tremendous resource that has proven extremely beneficial.

Having worked as a Professional Strength & Conditioning coach in the National Rugby League in Australia I am familiar with the prevalence of impact injuries of the upper body (particularly shoulder injuries).

MIRU has proven an extremely useful resource in providing methods of assessing and correcting muscle imbalances of the shoulder. In addition MIRU has proved a valuable resource in providing corrective and strengthening exercises for the neck and core as well as highlighting valuable soft tissue and myofascial treatment methods.

MIRU has assisted to improve my ability to assess and correct muscle imbalances of the upper body. Our holistic approach to treating muscle imbalances from the initial assessment phase to the completion of the rehabilitation plans have improved as a result of this resource.

Lee Clark
High Performance Manager (Newcastle Jets A League) formally Performance
Manager Newcastle Knights National Rugby league Team

“Everything Could be Used ASAP”

What I like about the MIRU was that everything could be used ASAP.

I have shoulder problems myself and I was able to integrate a lot of the exercises in my routine. Also, the range of examples being presented in the DVD made me research more about anatomy , physiology and biomechanics. I truly love your product and would definitely recommend it to my peers.

MIRU has validated what I am currently doing with my clients. Sometimes I have doubts on whether I should be applying “fillers” or mobility exercises during the circuit itself but seeing that this is how professionals do it meant that I am following the right path.

Edsel Segovia
Personal Trainer
Toronto, Ontario


At this point I’m satisfied with my MIRU purchase. Very knowledgeable people on these videos, including yourself.



Joe Musselwhite

“I am glad I had the opportunity to review Muscle Imbalances Revealed by Rick Kaselj. These are DVDs that you should NEVER let out of your education library. We all know how good DVDs just “disappear” all of a sudden. I am not only writing this review from the eyes of a fitness & sports performance coach but also a person that has suffered from knee and lower back injuries from my days in the US ARMY. Muscle Imbalances Revealed is an indispensable resources for coaches and fitness trainers with an “all-star cast” of some of the best rehab and post rehab exercise specialists in this business. It’s not a perfect world and eventually your athletes or fat loss clients will get an injury you need to work with and around. This program has enlightened me and added a new toolbox to help my clients in a more effective way and improve my own performance and past injuries I sustained while in the ARMY. Muscle Imbalances Revealed is a comprehensive and easy to follow program that I wish was around years ago. Not getting this program is leaving you unprepared for inevitable injuries that you or your clients may receive.

Nii Wilson
New York City USAW-Sports Performance Coach / Underground Strength Coach Certified

“One of the keys to my success as a personal trainer has been my ability to work with and around the nagging aches and injuries of people from 35-55, the very demographic that has the time, money, and demonstrated needs for our services. The information you’ll gain in MIR is exactly what you need most to differentiate yourself from generic “just-make-em-tired-and-sweaty” trainers. Rick and the crew have done an outstanding job, and Bill Hartman continues to defend his title as “the Smartest Man in Fitness.” If you want to elevate your skills and, therefore, your income, you need these DVDS. You owe it to your clients and to yourself to be the best you can be.”

Stephen Holt
“One of America’s Greatest Trainers” – Men’s Fitness 2003 ACE Personal Trainer of the Year

“The Muscular Imbalances Revealed Program has been instrumental with our athletes. When looking at asymmetries and synergistic dominance it has helped our entire training team. Thanks Rick for your insight and the team you put together on this project.”

Shannon R. Wallace, Jr NASM-CPT,CKT,CNT
Under Armour Combine 360 Certified Trainer

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Note: – Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Body Edition is a series of downloadable videos, audios and handouts. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the videos, audios and handouts. The handouts format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. The audio format is MP3 which can be listen to on Mac or PC. The video format is MP4 or M4V and FLV which can be viewed on Mac or PC.