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Get Muscle Imbalances Revealed
Watch All 3 Editions of Muscle Imbalances Revealed Right In Front Of Your Television With The Muscle Imbalances Revealed Hard Copy DVD Set!

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At your request, we’ve taken ALL 3 editions from Muscle Imbalances Revealed (including the mobility exercises!) and put them in an easy access DVD set—on hard copy physical DVDs.

You will get 3-Sets of DVDs. Each edition has 4 DVDs to it.  You will get 4 DVDs from the lower body edition in one case.  You will get 4 DVDs from the upper body edition in one case.  You will get 4 DVDs from the Assessment & Exercise edition in one case.

That means you can now “follow along” in real time with Mike Robertson, Bill Hartman, Dean Somerset, Eric Beard, Kevin Yates, Dr. Jeff Cubos, Tony Gentilcore, John Izzo, Anthony Mychal, Nick Rosencutter and Rick Kaselj.

No fancy equipment required. No expensive seminars to attend. And now learning the secrets from the pros at home in front of your TV couldn’t be easier!

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No thanks. I understand that this is my only opportunity to get access to this information and I’m okay with missing out. I understand that after declining this offer, the Muscle Imbalances Revealed  3-Set (12 DVDs) “Done For You” DVDs will never be made available to me again at any price, even if I wish to pay more. I will pass on this forever.

Please note, that if you do request a refund, you will need to send the DVDs back to us before your refund will be processed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support(at)exercisesforinjuries(dot).com .